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Martti is first and foremost a medical interpretation company. We create connections and trust between patients and providers. Our first mission was to eliminate healthcare disparities related to Language and Culture Barriers, leading to better information exchange, better diagnosis and shorter length of stays. We provide access to more than 60 languages through our Video Remote Interpreting and to more than 250 languages through Over the Phone Interpreting. Both Martti interpretation offerings use our highly qualified, certified medical interpreters. Our interpreters have a thorough understanding of the US healthcare system and are some of the most culturally competent interpreters in the market.


Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

Immediate access to our experts is our first promise, and a friendly, helpful face is the next. Visual contact between a patient and his or her interpreter is the foundation for trust, which is how we like every interaction to begin. 70% of communication is non-verbal and reading body language is an important part of the healthcare experience. It ensures clearer, more complete communications, meaning a better understanding of symptoms, a more complete history, a more accurate diagnosis, and safer, precise, more complete care. VRI also benefits Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing patients, and with Martti the experience is 100% compliant.


Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI)

With the instant availability of certified medical interpreters at any time, on any day, OPI makes sure that every patient’s voice is heard. Our highly skilled, qualified, and experienced medical interpreters connect to healthcare providers and their Limited English Proficient patients.


Certified Interpreters, ready to serve you

interpreting interpreting

Our interpreters are required to undergo:

10+ Hours of Continuing Education Every Year

Communication you can trust

We believe in education, certification, training, training, and more training, so our team stays current in the medical field. Our interpreters are highly qualified not just in language, but also in understanding the demands of a hospital. They work hard to ease the pressure on doctors and nurses, and relieving the anxiousness of worried patients.

Our team of video and audio interpreting specialists work in our high-tech, professional and supervised call centers inside the U.S. Serving always as neutral members of your healthcare team, our interpreters’ focus is to understand and communicate each patient’s needs without bias. Their job isn’t just to know the language, but to understand each patient’s circumstances, culture, and needs, creating a relationship of trust.

A career that grows with you

More training and certifications means more opportunity to grow and be that person who patients rely on. There are many benefits of being a Martti interpreter.

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