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The best interpreters. Superior customer service. Technology that works. These are the hallmarks of Martti. In a world of me too technology, Martti has built an industry leading reputation for quality, ease of use, and most importantly, being a good partner. 100% healthcare focused, we have deep and practical knowledge about how your language services can be an engine of change and growth in your facility and drive a significant Return on Interpretation™.


Comprehensive Language Services

Our focus on the well-being and satisfaction of your patients starts long before a Martti unit is brought into the room. Before there is talk about medical histories and diagnoses and treatment options, our Martti team is working with your hospital to build the customized experience your facility needs to put patients at ease.

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Video & Audio Interpreting

We provide reliable, secure, compliant, on-demand video and audio interpreting for the Limited English Proficient and Deaf and Hard of Hearing patient populations. Our U.S. based Certified Medical Interpreters are available at the push of a button. With industry-leading training and qualifications, our people work well with the demands of a hospital, have empathy for your providers, and can put patients at ease.

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Cloudbreak Network

Access our Certified Medical Interpreters through our supportable, private, reliable network, a proven platform with multiple service providers, serving over 650 facilities with over 5,000 video endpoints, for almost 1 million annual encounters.

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Martti Platform

Your ability to bring Martti anywhere in the hospital makes it easier to give your patients the care they need. Each mobile, flat-screen unit can go anywhere in the hospital. No cords, no complications. And just one button. Push it to connect instantly with the most qualified interpreters in the market. Plus, you can access Martti's platform through Standard Video Hardware, iOS, Android, and Windows 7/8-based devices with a free downloadable app in the Apple and Google Play stores.

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Simple. Immediate. Dependable.

Martti enhances patient interactions.


Why Martti Works

Optimized Workflows

Immediate access to Certified Medical Interpreters means patients can be seen, treated, or discharged without added wait times due to language issues.

Secure Network

We designed our network specifically for health critical services, using a hybrid model with multiple high-capacity entrances to the internet.


Streamlined equipment and quick access to an interpreter helps put patients at ease and draw them more quickly into the conversation about their care.

Carts and Devices

Technology should be a bridge, not a barrier, so we offer premier equipment that is simple to use and affordable.

Partners with Hospital IT

Our network's experienced engineers have worked closely with providers and hospitals and are immersed in the decisions that move us forward.

Increased ROI

Clear communication means providers get better information and can make better decisions, which improves care, satisfaction, and the bottom line.


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