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Partnering with IT

We understand the competing priorities the IT departments of our partners face.  Between trying to meet Meaningful Use, maintaining HIPAA compliance and just keeping the lights on, your department is already too busy.  We get IT involved early to make sure this isn’t just another mandate thrown over the wall for you to work on, but rather a collaborative process where IT is an integral part of developing the requirements and decision making necessary to make this a success.

Any Device. Anywhere. Anytime.

Whether iOS, Android or Windows, our platform is literally available on billions of devices.  Whether you utilize our equipment or your own, downloading our software is easy and configuration is a snap relative to other platforms in the market.  Whether you are in a BYOD or proprietary environment, Martti has a solution to fit your needs.

Better performance

Martti runs on the Carenection Telemedicine Delivery Network, a private path broadband network optimized to carry video and audio for healthcare.  Using this network solves the traditional jitter and packet loss associated with using the open internet of even VPN connectivity.  Simply stated: it’s the telemedicine super highway.

Easy to Implement

We have refined our implementation and rollout process for over a decade to make sure it doesn’t take up a significant amount of our partner’s time and resources.  Usually with a few hours of network configuration and some small firewall changes, we can get you up and running.

Secure & Private Communications

Staying private path means our video signal never traverses the public internet and insulates mission critical telemedicine encounters from Denial of Service Attacks or other hacking.

Network Monitoring

With our network monitoring tools, we are constantly watching our traffic to make sure it isn’t being disrupted and that all calls are experiencing high quality video and audio performance.  We can help troubleshoot trouble spots in our network (and yours) and work quickly to mitigate those and other external issues to ensure a quality call, every time.


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