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Martti is designed to make the interactions you have with patients better, easier, faster, and more accurate. It’s a revolutionary service that improves patient care by helping you quickly and clearly communicate with patients who are Limited English Proficient (LEP), Deaf, or Hard of Hearing.

Through video remote interpreting, you get immediate access to our team of the most highly trained and qualified medical interpreters in the healthcare market. They can help you easily communicate with your patients in more than 250 languages, including American Sign Language, with nearly 60 of those available in video. We are proud to offer the largest breadth of languages available on video—all at the push of a button.

Studies show that using video makes a difference. Video interpreting is 50% more efficient than audio-only services and it reduces communication time by 50%. That means better patient histories, more precise exams, no unnecessary tests, earlier diagnoses and faster treatment—all with friendlier interactions and less patient anxiety. This doesn’t mean just better outcomes, but healthier, happier patients.

Improve Communication

The first step to earning your patients’ trust—and gaining their cooperation—is communicating with them in a language they understand.

Removing language barriers will reduce patients’ anxiety and help you better understand their symptoms, take a more complete history, make a more accurate diagnosis, and provide safer, more precise, and more complete care. Martti makes this easy with immediate access to a team of qualified video medical interpreters at a moment’s notice.

Enhance Usability

We believe you have more important challenges to tackle than how to activate your interpreting service, so Martti truly delivers on the process being as easy as the push of a button.

Our name actually says it all. Martti stands for My Accessible Real-Time Trusted Interpreter, because we make sure our industry-leading services are smart and simple. Our fuss-free, hands-free, one-button interface is designed to put your patients at ease and make your job easier.

Martti is completely self-contained, mobile, and wireless, so it can go anywhere you are in the hospital. Our device looks like small flat-screen TV, with just one button that immediately connects you to a team of the most qualified interpreters in the market, which means you don’t have to worry about finding phone numbers or people. We promise an immediate, dependable connection.

You can also access Martti with a variety of other equipment such as Standard Video Hardware, iOS, Android and Windows 7/8-based devices with a free downloadable app in the Apple and Google Play stores.

Being physician led and 100% healthcare focused, we understand the demands and challenges you face each day. That’s why we’ve created a system that doesn’t get in your way, but facilitates your ability to efficiently and compassionately care for your patients.

Reduce Your Risk

With our deep language and healthcare expertise available immediately on demand, Martti enhances the communication and connection you have with your patients, facilitating quality care and reducing the risks associated with miscommunication.

In this field, quality is everything because clear communication is critical to providing quality care. Martti helps you minimize patients’ fear and confusion, which helps you establish rapport, earn their trust, and get the most accurate, actionable information about their condition.

Facilitate Proper Care

Much of communication is non-verbal, so beyond just interpreting your patients’ words, using video lets our team better equip you by also communicating what your patients are thinking and feeling.

Beyond the benefits of hearing a patient’s concern in his or her native language, seeing the expression on his or her face, where they point and the other visual cues we tend to take for granted gives you the information you need to deliver the highest level of care.

With video, interpreters can see, hear, and truly understand the session, which improves comprehension and saves time. Studies show that video interpreting is 50% more efficient than audio-only services and reduces communication time by 50%. That means your patient histories will be more complete, your exams more precise, your diagnoses and treatment more effective, and your interactions more friendly.

Video medical interpreting is the most time-efficient, care-efficient way to provide critical communication with your LEP, Deaf and Hard of Hearing patients. Martti provides the largest breadth of languages available on video, and is the best interpreting service in the market.

Enhance Productivity

As the business of healthcare gets busier and more challenging, Martti is an ally to help you work better, smarter, and faster.

As you start to see more patients coming to your facility with a diversity that is unprecedented, Martti makes it fast and easy for you to understand, communicate with, and care for them.

Our easy-to-use video medical interpreting service gives you immediate access to a qualified interpreter whenever you need one. No wait. No logistical issues. No hassle. Just push a button for a HIPAA-compliant connection to a highly trained, medically literate interpreter who can help you communicate quickly and completely with your Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Limited English Proficient patients.

You can give them the best care possible, as quickly as possible, to help you keep up with the increased demand. Let us show you how we can help you increase access to care and make you the most productive provider possible.

Improve Satisfaction

As physicians ourselves, we know how important patient satisfaction is, and we believe that Martti plays a key role in providing the care you need to make your patients healthy and happy.

Martti helps you make sure your Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Limited English Proficient patients are as happy as they can be with their hospital experience. Being understood makes patients happy. Patients who are empowered to take control of their care and know they are being heard will give you the information you need to make a proper diagnosis. But more importantly, they will have reduced anxiety and develop more of a relationship with their provider.

Not only do studies show that happy patients are less likely to sue, but the advent of value based purchasing and patient satisfaction surveys like Press Ganey, NRC Picker, Gallup, Avatar and HCAHPS can now have a significant financial impact for you and your facility as well. Let us show you how we can help make your team patient-satisfaction leaders and all-star communicators.

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