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Martti helps you increase patient satisfaction by removing communication barriers between your team of providers and the patients who need them. With our superior technology, dedicated language centers, push-of-the-button simplicity, high-quality and immediate service, HIPAA compliance, and our sole focus in healthcare, Martti has become the leading video remote interpreting service in the market.

Drive ROI

Return on InterpretationTM

Yes, your Language Services department can be an engine of positive change in your facility. It isn’t a “have to have,” but rather an ROI driving, market building center of efficiency, quality and satisfaction. In a world of value-based care, ensuring ready access to interpretation services can drive significant benefits that improve clinical, operational and financial performance. Let us show you how partnering with Martti can elevate language services to the mission critical clinical catalyst and case study in effective care that will inspire the rest of your organization.

It begins with a thorough needs analysis in which we invest the time and resources on the front end to truly understand the unique needs and goals of your program, including the establishment of the metrics and key performance indicators (KPI’s) to measure the results. While it may be nice to cut money from the budget, it’s smarter to create a sustainable competitive advantage that drives market leadership and makes your hospital the care location of choice for the community. Plus, using Martti may help qualify you for telehealth, interpretive services, and innovation grants to cover a portion of the expense. Our team is happy to help your grant department investigate this option.


Satisfy Stakeholders

We understand that the nuances of patient satisfaction go far beyond basic interpreting services. Our keen understanding of Deafness and Deaf culture, allow us to provide a welcoming, complete and satisfying experience for your patients who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing.

Our video medical interpreters know the importance of patience, expertise, and understanding for your Deaf patients, as well as immediacy, accuracy, and empowerment. That’s why our American Sign Language interpreters are either RID certified or on a path to certification. Half of them use sign language as their first language. It’s why video is our technology of choice. It’s also why we created a service that’s simple, immediate, available around the clock, and user friendly.

Improve Patient Flow

Beyond our language and healthcare expertise, our clients love Martti because it is fast and functional. Using our wireless mobile unit or your own devices, Martti immediately connects your team to an interpreter with just the push of a button.

Martti is the most advanced, easy-to-use video remote interpreting device of its kind. All your physicians, nurses, and staff have to do is push a button to connect with us. You can also access the Martti platform with other equipment such as Standard Video Hardware, iOS, Android and Windows 7/8-based devices with a free downloadable app in the Apple and Google Play stores.

No matter how you connect with Martti, you’re saving time, frustration, money, and possibly lives. No handsets. No cords. No phone numbers. No appointments. No call-backs. No hassle.

Using video to connect your team and your patients to our highly qualified interpreters can cut the time of each patient encounter by 50% as well. That gets your staff on to other patients sooner and improves satisfaction for all. And because we have our own private network, you won’t be relying on the Internet to reach us. Your connection will always be uninterrupted, secure and 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Ensure Compliance

In an effort to reinforce the importance of communication as part of patient safety, the Joint Commission implemented new standards for patient-centered communications. These new standards, which are now a part of its standards for accreditation, include requirements to provide language interpreting services and new qualifications for interpreters. Since Martti already meets these new standards, working with us ensures your organization’s compliance with them.

Working with Martti is the easy way to eliminate compliance concerns because we’re already compliant with the latest Title VI, CMS, ADA, and Office of Minority Health Directives requirements, and our real-time reporting portal lets you track each and every interpretation encounter.

You won’t need to scramble to see if you provided interpretation services to a given patient or put together your own ad-hoc reporting to show interpreter effectiveness or ROI because Martti’s reporting center will tell you in an instant. Plus, because we use our own private network, every Martti patient interaction is not only high-quality and immediate, but also secure and 100% HIPAA-compliant.

Enhance Patient Satisfaction

Our experience in healthcare reinforces our belief that all patients want to feel connected, communicated with, and cared for. Our team of highly qualified medical interpreters makes sure that your Limited English Proficient, Deaf, and Hard of Hearing patients feel your team’s compassion, knowledge, and humanity.

Even broader than our own extensive experience, Healthgrades, a healthcare information firm, conducted a survey to see what factors influence patient satisfaction. The results showed that the three biggest influences are three areas in which Martti plays a significant role:

  1. Having a compassionate team of care providers
    • Our interpreters are trained not just in language and healthcare situations, but in how to help your patients feel heard and understood. Plus, using video interpreters goes the extra step to include visual cues that can communicate compassion.
  2. Having access to knowledgeable, competent physicians
    • The ease, simplicity, and mobility of Martti makes it possible to have industry-leading video interpretation services wherever your physicians are.
  3. Being treated like a real person, not just someone with a disease.
    • With countless hours of experience in the kind of healthcare encounters your team faces every day, our interpreters know how to make your patients feel like human beings, like they matter, and like they will be well cared for.

Reduce Confusion

The confusion that miscommunication causes doesn’t just disrupt a patient’s experience, it can be a threat to his or her safety. The consequences of unnecessary tests or a missed diagnosis can lead not just to patient dissatisfaction, but to poor and even dangerous outcomes.

Martti’s dependable, on-demand video medical interpreting services play an invaluable role in patient-provider communications for patients who are Limited English Proficient, Deaf, or Hard of Hearing. With just the push of one button,  our interpreters can clear the line of communication in the room in more than 250 languages, minimizing confusion and its potentially dangerous consequences.

Make a Difference

The element of video — patients and interpreters actually being able to see each other — makes a tremendous difference in the effectiveness of communications in general, but especially in the field of healthcare. Using video provides important clarity, helps reach a broader patient group, reduces risk of spreading germs through a handset, saves time, and ensures compliance.

Video increases the quality of your team’s communications in many ways, including:

  • Body Language: Non-verbal cues can be crucial to interpreting when someone is sick or injured. An over-the-phone solution can’t convey what a patient’s posture or facial expressions might be saying.
  • Patient Rapport: Visual cues, like a smiling interpreter who looks professional and compassionate, can do a lot to make patients feel more comfortable, forthcoming, and trusting of the entire team.
  • Cleanliness: Using a one-touch video monitor — whether it’s our equipment or your own mobile devices — means there is no handset to keep clean, which greatly reduces germ-spreading. (Our wireless mobile Martti is one-button device that only your staff touches.)
  • Inclusion: A video system means you can reach a broader audience and include Deaf or Hard of Hearing patients who communicate with sign language, which telephonic interpretation cannot accomodate.
  • Time Savings: Audio-only interpretation takes 33% longer due to clarifications and reduced context. That means each patient encounter takes longer, too, which hurts efficiency, diminishes patient satisfaction, and drives up costs.
  • Compliance: Martti offers a superior experience that is always 100% compliant. Conversely, poor over-the-phone encounters can drive providers to opt for easier but non-compliant interpretation methods like staff or family members.

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