Why Martti

Our medically trained, language-center-based interpreters play a crucial role on your healthcare team, supporting all the other members, from executives to patients, improving the healthcare experience, and boosting the bottom line. Martti is the partner of choice of healthcare providers across the country. Shouldn’t we be yours? Access the best certified medical interpreters available on the most reliable and easiest to use platform in the nation.

Benefits throughout the organization

Increase patient satisfaction

Patient & Provider satisfaction are key indicators of a successful encounter.  Their words matter and we make sure our certified medical interpreters deliver the highest quality interpretation possible while being Advocates for Understanding™, assuring that trust and rapport are built so everyone feels seen, heard and understood. This has a direct result on HCAHPS, Press Ganey, NRC Picker, and Net Promoter scores.

Leadership Benefits


Improve patient care

Communication is fundamental to each patient provider encounter. Being able to show where it hurts, describe pain levels and discuss a patient’s history leads to better diagnosis, reduced anxiety for all stakeholders and more timely and efficient care. The result is shorter hospital stays, a supportable standard of care and reduced defensive costs. It means being able to practice medicine with the confidence to make the right decisions with and for your patients.

Doctor & Nurse Benefits


Raise patient confidence

Being in a hospital when you speak English is scary enough. When you don’t, it can be downright terrifying. A patient who knows their doctor can understand them is more likely to share openly about their illness. When you seek care, seek a hospital that brings you Martti and have confidence in knowing your provider understands you and your needs.

Patient Benefits


 A True Partner with Hospital IT

Whether your equipment or ours, we partner with your hospital’s IT team from the beginning to make sure they have proper information and support, but more importantly, to make sure they are involved in the decision making for implementation and rollout. Our platform offers some unique attributes like HIPAA compliant private connectivity to guarantee Quality of Service (QoS) and security.

IT Benefits


Return on Interpretation™ 

We believe improving the healthcare experience for patients has a direct correlation to improving your organization's bottom line. Video interpreting services are not another add-on commodity. We work with our clients as strategic partners, pricing on a return-on-interpretation methodology to make sure we drive value.

Client Success Stories

Tragedy and Comfort

Reverend Marianne Brandon Wilson
Staff Chaplain II

We were dealing with a tragic situation - the death of a child. Adding to the difficulty of the situation was our language barrier with the parents. As you can imagine, walking parents through the experience of removing life supporting machines and allowing their child to die naturally is a delicate and long process. Pacing and timing are difficult even when you are not dealing with a language barrier.


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