For over 20 years, we have empowered underserved communities with essential language solutions.

Crafting innovation with humanity at its core.

We didn’t just enter a market; we created it to meet a desperate need and continue to lead as the best in the industry. Our journey is more than providing language services – it’s about connecting people, understanding needs, and improving lives, one person at a time.

From challenge to change—the Cloudbreak story.

Twenty years ago, our founder Andy Panos personally faced language barriers when his brother was in a car crash in Mexico. The difficulty and miscommunication during this critical time sparked the idea for Martti Interpretation– a solution to bridge language gaps in crucial moments.

This idea was further fueled by emergency room doctors, who shared their struggles in communicating with a growing Somali community. They often had no access to local interpreters, leading to tragic outcomes when language barriers prevented effective healthcare delivery.

It was here that Andy envisioned joining the emerging concept of Telehealth with language services. The result was our groundbreaking Martti product, the pioneer in offering video remote interpretation services in the healthcare industry.

Superior service at every step.

We don’t just meet standards – we set them. We are always upgrading our services to surpass your expectations in quality, cost, delivery, security, and ease of use.

As a leader in healthcare technology, Martti has a certified ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System and we work to faithfully comply with the requirements of our certification.

Meet the people who bring our vision to life.

Cloudbreak is a team of innovators with a passion for improving language access and health equity for all.

Andy Panos


21 years in the industry

Maureen Huber

Executive Chair

27 years in the industry

Mike Schmidt

Chief Financial Officer

36 years in the industry

Jason Luchterhand

VP of Business Development

13 years in the industry

Jeff Mercer

AVP, Business Development, Central Region

20 years in the industry

Kerry Moreno

VP of Operations

19 years in the industry

David Lundy

VP of Client Experience

28 years in the industry

David Chocron

VP of Software Architecture & Engineering

26 years in the industry

Tatiana Cestari

Director of Language Service Advocacy

22 years in the industry

Darcy Meade

Director of Communications

19 years in the industry

Danielle Meder

Director, Organizational Quality and Client Support

18 years in the industry

Kelli Crabtree

Director of Customer Success

9 years in the industry

Eddie Shishlo

IT Director

18 years in the industry

Jeremy Kokalis


3 years in the industry

Jackie Cento

Director of HR

23 years in the industry

Samantha Leanillo

Chief Information Security Officer

15 years in the industry

Diversity isn't just a word—it's our team's heartbeat.

Proudly diverse, our team spans nations, cultures, and languages, united in one mission. We champion inclusivity, ensuring every unique voice is valued and respected across our organization.

Diverse governance and management
Intentional talent management
Open, honest employee communication
Tools, training, and resources to foster an inclusive workplace
Always focus on people before technology

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